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Bal Sabha
Bal Sabha | Children Meeting

We conducted a BAL Sabha in which we interacted with the children of the village. At first, we could not attract many of them but later when we started playing with them the typical games of the village like – kancha, kabaddi. We asked them about their hygiene habits and what were their ambitions in life. We also discussed with them the importance of toilets and hand wash before eating and after using the toilets.

It was a joy to have them around and to talk, play and interact with them.

Disaster Management committee
Disaster Management Committee | Student Member | 2019-20

As a part of the disaster management committee as a student member, I had the responsibility to implement the safety and evacuation plans at the ground level. After each drill, we look for any point where the plan went wrong and what are the areas where betterment is required. Along with this, proper documentation and analysis was a part of my responsibility. Suggestions for improvement in the earthquake evacuation plan included involvement of teachers in the RC or staff rooms, clarifying the message to the students, use of walkie-talkies and replacement of glass windows with other less harmful substitutes like fibre sheets. To aware the students in a comprehensive way, a disaster calendar, related topics for bulletin boards and putting up of emergency number in the plaza were advised.

NGO | Sharing Experiences

Once, I went to an organisation - BOOKISTAN and I saw the children from underprivileged families eager to learn.  Everything was perfect, the children came, they studied and went home, but I sensed something was missing. I realised there was a need for sharing ideas, the classes should be a two-way platform where people can exchange ideas. So, we started sitting on every Sundays a shared a story. This has now become a weekly ritual enjoyed by all.

Also, they are the first one to hear every story I write.

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Gram Sabha
Village Meeting | Gram Sabha

We discussed the basic problems faced by the villagers and proposed small scale solutions for it. They were dependent on rain for agriculture and were not happy with the irrigation facilities. Also, we emphasized the importance of proper sanitation and toilet facilities. We came to know that in comparison to other villages, the condition of women there was much better. The main topic was the construction of toilets and cleanliness in the village.

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