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  A Movie 
Movie Making | End Log
Director | Make-up | Executive Head

This film is based on the short story "The Russian Sleep Experiment". IKFF is an acronym for the International Kids Film Festival. The International Kids Film Festival, conceived by LXL Ideas, is the world’s largest children’s film festival and aims to bring inspiring, meaningful and globally diverse cinema to over 2 million school students across Asia and Africa.

'' Remember the time when sleep was deprived of every person on this planet. It was the time of the World Wars. One such story is of a claim made by the US government on the Soviet Union. They claimed that the USSR was conducting a military-sanctioned secret experiment in which political prisoners were locked in a chamber and kept awake through air stimulants. They were to be granted their freedom once the experiment was complete. The story is yet to be discovered. ''

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Street plays
Street Play | Rural Immersion Programme

The two of the main themes of the Nukkad Natak (Street Play) - Street play were:

1. Dowry                                                                                    

2. Importance of toilets           

Cases of dowry are still prevalent in India. It seems that the rural side of the country fails to modernize itself and try to distance themselves from what we call the modern cities. So the duty of us educated people becomes a necessity to make them realize what wrong they are doing to themselves and their family. Our Nukkad Natak portrayed a rich farmer's son reaching out for a girl's family in order to convince them to let him marry their daughter but fails miserably as he asked for dowry.

Villages are almost everywhere associated with the lack of toilets. We portrayed the story of a man and a woman who are in love with each other and decide to marry. Everything works out quite well with the family members of the man until the girl finds out that he has not constructed a toilet in his home and rejects him on his face even when he was a wealthy and reputed personality in the village.

It villagers seemed very delighted and motivated after watching the skit.​

   School Plays
Drama & Plays​

Being a part of the theatre cub as the production, director or an actor, has always helped me expand my horizon in the field of theatre. In house events of our school are also a part of my theatre timeline, every event, be it Independence Day, Teachers Day, Republic Day, Christmas and so on. Our group was ready with a performance for the same.

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