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The journey embarked before the little-ruralised researchers reached the campus of Parivartan. It all began almost 2 weeks ago with recognizing our own perceptions of rural culture, areas, living. Few sessions held with Rajeshwar Sir unclogged our mindsets of the rural society. Children categorized the various opinions they and their mates have about rural society.

Parivartan collaborations reach as far as SPIC MACAY, Magic Bus India Foundation, and as close as Jyoti Mahila Samakhya, Srijni Foundation, and Pratham. The aim is to include all sections of the community and address the key concerns across all domains.

Parivartan helped the student of Delhi Public School, Patna on their visit to Narendrapur, Siwan, and Bihar during the Rural Immersion programme grasp from people from diverse walks of life.

Cases of dowry are still prevalent in India. It seems that the rural side of the country fails to modernize itself and try to distance themselves from what we call the modern cities. So the duty of us educated people becomes a necessity to make them realize what wrong they are doing to themselves and their family. Our Nukkad Natak portrayed a rich farmer's son reaching out for a girl's family in order to convince them to let him marry their daughter but fails miserably as he asked for dowry.

Villages are almost everywhere associated with the lack of toilets. We portrayed the story of a man and a woman who are in love with each other and decide to marry. Everything works out quite well with the family members of the man until the girl finds out that he has not constructed a toilet in his home and rejects him on his face even when he was a wealthy and reputed personality in the village.

The villagers seemed very delighted and motivated after watching the skit. Also, after the Natak - play was over the village children tried to imitate us and enacted the whole play in their own way. It seemed as if we left a mark on their lives even if it was for a mere 20 mins. It meant a lot to us.



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