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Post COVID World Order Webinar | GCTC

As a Research Intern at Global Counter Terrorism Council, I got Cleo Paskal chaired the opportunity to work for a Webinar on the topic Post COVID World Order with esteemed speakers such as General Joginder Jaswant Singh (Retired), Mr Yasuo Naito, Prof. Madhav Das Nalapat, Captain James E Fanell, Prof. Chintamani Mahapatra, Jonathan Granoff, Vladmir Sotnikov and the session.

The discussion on 'Post Covid World Order' involved speakers from a broad spectrum of domains. Their diverse perspectives gave the viewers a wholesome understanding of the world shall look after the pandemic takes a back seat.

There were several takeaways from this webinar, and they are highlighted as follows:

1. The pandemic will have damaging impacts on the global economy as well as health.

2. Multilateralism is going down, and each country is trying to solve their problems at their best.

3. International organizations may face challenges to play a pertinent role now.

4. The biggest challenge of the US and India is the PLA's sustainability.

5. 60 million people are going to be pushed into extreme poverty.

6. The education sector in every part of the world is going to be vastly impacted.

7. There will be a sudden surge in demand for better technology and communication.

8. There shall be social unrest in middle eastern countries due to depletion in oil prices.

9. The supply chain will be affected —it will move from global to more regional.

10. Urgent need for better health infrastructure all around the world.

11. An opportunity to rethink our ways of curbing climate change and bringing about new laws.

12. A significant change in alliances will be observed— a multipolar world.

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