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  • Writer's pictureArushi Sharma

GCTC Research Coordinator

It has been a complete pleasure to work with the Global Counter Terrorism Council. It is a registered non-profit international level think tank initiated by public-spirited individuals to awaken further issues of national interest and global conscience about terrorism as a threat to humanity, human security, etc. Members belonging to different faculties & backgrounds like senior bureaucrats, academicians, officers from the armed forces & paramilitary services, distinguished diplomats, leading researchers, media analysts, parliamentarians, professionals, corporate heads, and human rights groups provide support and regularly contribute with the aim to deliberate on the root causes of Global Terrorism and to present effective solutions to the problems faced by society and the government.

My work as a Research Coordinator and Youth Ambassador included the following-

1. Monitoring the official statements, briefings, documents, etc. on foreign and security policies especially concerning India, and the military establishment

2. Working on data collection from primary and secondary sources

3. Providing research support for projects through data mining

4. Scanning journals, new articles to provide a bibliography relating to the subject matter

5. Providing administrative support for organizing round tables, workshops, seminars, conferences, meetings, coordination over the telephone, and email

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