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Imagine what will happen if you don’t sleep for 20 days. There was a conspiracy in the soviet union in the 1940s.In a military-sanctioned scientific experiment, a group of researchers put five political prisoners in a sealed gas chamber where an airborne stimulant is continually administered, with the intent of keeping the five subjects awake for 30 days. The prisoners are promised freedom if they complete.
One day, one of the subjects starts screaming uncontrollably, while the others prevent the researchers from looking inside by pasting torn book pages and faeces on porthole windows and one-way mirrors. A few days pass without the researchers being able to look inside, during which the chamber is completely silent.
On the 14th day, the researchers decided to turn off the stimulant inlet and reopen the chamber. Upon looking inside, GUESS WHAT??.. The four surviving subjects have performed severe mutilation and disembowelment on themselves during the past days. After eventually being removed from the chamber, all subjects are shown to exhibit extreme strength. It is also found that any one of the subjects who fall asleep also dies instantly.

This was the teaser..Watch until you die

Just 72 hours and a few friends, tried to remake one of the most viewed movies online. I don’t know if it’s up to the mark, but we tried out best 🎥




Check out our movie –



Our Team:

Director, Make-up, Executive Head - Arushi Sharma

Cast - Arpan Anurag, Sanidhya Kumar, Riti, Swarnim

Cinematography - Archit Boobna

Sound/Video Editing - Shirsh Khandelia

Set Coordinators - Aman Tibrewal, Abhimanyu Singh

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