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Welcome to my website. 

I, Arushi Sharma, am a Sociology student at the University of Delhi. My main interests are policy, writing, reading, travelling, filmmaking, and graphic design. I enjoy meeting new people and exploring new interests, and I love learning!

I care about social issues like feminism, digital rights, climate change, education and poverty at a very personal level. I have seen people facing it and then being failed by the system when trying to seek redressal. It is from their experiences that I get my drive to lead change. I intend to use my education to initiate positive change. I want to understand how society works and how innovation, social impact and policy can benefit it. This will help me do my part in the nation-building process. 


With increasing populism and demagoguery, well-researched, effective policies are vital to building the nation our founding fathers envisioned – to achieve political, economic, and social justice with equality of status and opportunity.


My work is focused on producing quality work and making a significant impact. I’m happy to apply the experience and skills I’ve obtained in my career to manage projects through creative problem solving and innovative thinking. I possess a strong eye for detail and can thrive independently and in a team environment.

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